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PHOTOS: South Orange Middle Schoolers Raise Money for Refugees

Picture with Ms RiveraFor the past month, 8th grade social studies students at South Orange Middle School have been working on a project to propose a solution to a current migration issue. Many of the students were so excited about their projects, that they asked their teachers Stephanie Rivera and Kiina Dordoni if they could make them “come to to life.”

“As teachers, we of course wanted to give them this opportunity to see that they can make a difference, even at such a young age,” said Rivera. “Our students are doing various fundraisers to help refugees. For instance, students in my class are raising money to help the Syrian refugees currently living in Maplewood, and collecting children’s books for an orphanage hosting Syrian refugee children.”

Below are the different fundraisers students are doing along with specific links/information to where people can donate.Dordoni Students

Ms. Dordoni’s students raised about $250 for refugees, and Ms. Rivera’s raised about $215, for a total of about $465.

Way to go, students!

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