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Letter: Maplewood Leaders Acted Too Late After July 5 Police Incidents

Editor’s Note: Mike Summersgill is a Republican running for the Maplewood Township Committee in the November general election.

I was shocked when I attended the Township Committee meeting on August 1st. I wasn’t surprised by the TC’s “no confidence” vote in Police Chief Cimino. I was shocked that Mayor DeLuca and the four other TC members so easily separated themselves from any responsibility and voiced such outrage. I still can’t understand how they can express outrage now, after knowing the facts for over a year? Why did Police Chief Cimino only lose their confidence after the public saw the videos and police reports?

I’ve heard reports of TC members trying to distance themselves by claiming they only recently saw the videos. How is that a defense of their lack of action? How can #BlackLivesMatter to them on social media but not enough to even do a cursory review of the facts when they receive a report of children of color being herded, assaulted, and maced? How can they fly a “NotInOurTwoTowns” banner outside Town Hall while they scheme inside to suppress the evidence that something did happen in our town.

Members of the TC expressed their outrage and concern over the safety of our children, yet they left the same people and policies in place for this year’s 4th of July event. I’m disappointed that the public had to serve as our elected officials’ moral compass. The one no confidence vote on Tuesday stopped short of what is needed. The public shouldn’t have confidence in the judgement of the five members of a governing body which took so long to act and only in response to the community’s outrage. You don’t defer your moral responsibilities to other organizations and don’t delay doing what is right. In November, the voters have a chance to vote on their confidence in our Township Committee’s leadership.

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