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Saeed Enters 2017 South Orange Board of Trustee Race; 4 to Vie for 3 Seats

The South Orange Board of Trustees Election just got more interesting.

Three candidates — incumbents Walter Clarke and Stephen Schnall, and newcomer Karen Hilton — kicked off their campaign as the “South Orange 2017” slate last month.

There are three seats up for election this year; the election is May 9.

Tuesday was the deadline to file a petition to run — and it turns out there is a fourth, independent candidate: Nureed Saeed, owner of Nu Interiors, an interior design firm in South Orange. Recently, Saeed came to the attention of local residents for her moving speech at a rally to show support for South Orange becoming a Sanctuary Community.

A Ballot Drawing to determine each candidate’s place on the ballot will take place Monday, March 13th at 10:00 am at 76 South Orange Avenue, Suite 302, Conf. Rm. #1, Thursday, March 23 at 3pm, said Township Clerk Shinell Smith.

See the full press release from Saeed’s campaign here:

Nureed Saeed has announced her candidacy for the South Orange Board of Trustees in the May 9th election, running under the designation of “Independent Thought. Innovation. Inclusion.”

Ms. Saeed, a South Orange business owner and resident since 2014, is running on the following platform:

• Innovation in downtown development
• Diversity of ideas and representation
• Transparency in government

When asked why she’s chosen to run, Ms. Saeed has said “If we want to make change, we have to participate. I am not a politician. I am a mother of 3 small children who realized if I want a different world for them, I need to engage in the process. I am a small business owner who realized if I want to grow, I need to engage in the process. I am a proud South Orange village resident who realized if I want to help the town reach its’ full potential, then I need to engage in the process. I am a fortunate human being and it is my duty to participate and give a voice for those who cannot.”

Nureed is an active member of several local organizations and has extensive experience in retail store development and merchandising for major brands. “Being a young mother, a successful entrepreneur, and an engaged resident of South Orange allows me to bring a fresh perspective to the Board of Trustees,” she has said.

In announcing her campaign on Facebook, Ms. Saeed added, “Throughout my career and in my current business as an entrepreneur, I’ve had to reach across the table and build bridges and form partnerships. I understand what it takes to bring people together and utilize everyone’s perspective to drive results. I look forward to bringing that vision of leadership, growth, and transparency to our local government and serving the residents, business leaders, and all of South Orange in 2017.”

Updates on the campaign can be found by following Ms. Saeed on Facebook at  or by looking at the campaign website.


Nureed Saeed has been a resident of South Orange for 3 years, living in the Newstead section of the village with her husband and 3 small children. An entrepreneur and successful small business owner, Ms. Saeed is the owner of Nu Interiors, an interior design and real estate development company.

Prior to moving to South Orange, Ms. Saeed spent 15 years in the fashion and retail industry. Most recently she was a senior executive for Greg Norman, PGA Champion and golf legend, serving as Vice President of Licensing and Global Business Development, responsible for retail store development, merchandising development, licensing, brand messaging, and contract negotiations.

An active member of the community, Ms. Saeed recently participated in a round table discussion, regarding the Immigration and Muslim ban, with Congressman David Payne, Jr. of New Jersey. As a result of her participation, the Congressman quoted a portion of her statement on the floor of the House of Representatives. Nureed also spoke at the SOMA Action Rally regarding Sanctuary City status for South Orange, her speech was later featured as an Op-Ed piece in the Village Green.

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