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VIDEO: Academy Heights Neighborhood Hosts South Orange Trustee Candidates

Left to Right: Stacey Trimble-Borden, Bobby Brown, Donna Coallier, Toshie Davis, Summer Jones, Ed Moore, Matt Wonski, Bob Zuckerman — with David Kraiker moderating

The Academy Heights Neighborhood Association presented a forum on April 24 for candidates for South Orange Board of Trustees as well as Village President.

The Trustee candidates took to the dais first. Each candidate answered one question drawn from a hat by community volunteer Elissa Malespina and presented with the help of AHNA co-founder David Kraiker. Candidates were allowed three rebuttals across the course of the forum. Some answers received no rebuttals; others received several.

Here are the topics:

  1. Shared Services — answered by Ed Moore and rebutted by Stacey Trimble-Borden
  2. Downtown and Valley Street Vision — answered by Summer Jones and rebutted by Toshie Davis and Bob Zuckerman
  3. Parking as related to Development on Valley — answered by Bobby Brown with rebuttals by Stacey Trimble-Borden and Summer Jones
  4. Private Student Housing — answered by Matt Wonski with no rebuttals
  5. Academy Heights Neighborhood v. SHU Students — answered by Donna Coallier and rebutted by Bobby Brown and Stacey Trimble-Borden
  6. Preservation v. New Development — answered by Bob Zuckerman and rebutted by Matt Wonski and Toshie Davis
  7. Historic Guidelines/New Historic Districts — answered by Stacey Trimble-Borden and rebutted by Bob Zuckerman, Summer Jones, Ed Moore and Bob Zuckerman
  8. Impact of PILOTS (tax abatements to developers) on the School District Budget — answered by Toshie Davis and rebutted by Matt Wonski, Bob Zuckerman and Bobby Brown
  9. The final question asked each candidates to explain the purpose and inspiration for their run for election.

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