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Village Green Introduces Classified Ads

You asked for it and Village Green delivers!

In the past three years, numerous readers have asked Village Green to add classifieds to our menu of services. We know that community members in South Orange and Maplewood have many options for recycling, free-cycling and selling items, looking for jobs, searching for help and services, etc.

However, many have told us that they’d like an option that is associated with the Village Green platform where they get their news and where they turn for information.

Our new QuickAds platform allows individuals or business to create their own dynamic ads on our site.

Your ad can be a simple as a short text ad about a garage sale and stop there. Or you can add a picture or logo to your initial text ad and link your ad to a web site.

Don’t have a web site you want to link to? You can also build a full “popup” web page with more details, including a full story, a photo gallery, a downloadable brochure or menu, a map and web and e-mail contact links.

It’s all affordable and easy and you can do it all yourself in minutes. Once you are happy with your ad, you pay by credit card. Try it now here.

Rates are:

  • $10/week
  • $15/two weeks
  • $30/month

Any questions?

Email our Classifieds vendor Bill Ostendorf at Creative Circle Media at [email protected].

Any other feedback?

Contact the editors at [email protected].

One final note: Classified sit outside our metered paywall. Unlimited visits for buyers and sellers alike!

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