Columbia HS Sophomore Challenges Stereotypes with ‘Too Gay’ Banner

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Editor’s note: The Columbia High School clock tower is the site of large, multicolored banner hanging from the top that reads “Too Gay.” The banner is the final project of an AP Art History student.

CHS Principal Elizabeth Aaron emailed the school community, and she and the student made an announcement on Monday, explaining the project. Below is the email:

Good afternoon, CHS community.

CHS "Too Gay" banner by sophomore John Bell.

CHS “Too Gay” banner by sophomore John Bell.

The banner hanging from the CHS clock tower is the final project of one of our AP art history students, sophomore John Bell.

In his words, “On the surface, society claims to accept gay people. But if we are flamboyant or very open about our gayness, are we ‘too gay’?

So, as an artist, I am basically challenging how people may view gay people, and also celebrating Pride month.”

He continues, “In light of the Orlando shooting, the flag is here to remind us of the work we have to do and to celebrate LGBT people.”

The project was conceived of and planned over several months. It was hung this morning as had been arranged some time ago.

Thank you for your support of our work here at CHS, and of our students and staff,

Elizabeth Aaron

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