Deconstructing the Lawn Sign

by The Village Green
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If there were a way to measure such things, Maplewood might make the list of “Top Towns for Lawn Signs.”

And it’s not even an election year.

Not wanting to feel left out, Studio B, a Maplewood/South Orange arts organization known for showcasing local artists, has decided to jump on the lawn sign bandwagon. “We’ve got vast amounts of grass out there, just itchin’ to be part of the local conversation,” says Studio B Honcho, Marcy Thompson.

Studio B Lawn Sign

“But we had to figure out a way to cut through the lawn sign noise.”

“That’s right,” chimes in Jenny Hall, Studio B’s (other) honcho. “We felt like it was time to set the record straight. There are Lawn Signs, and then, there are lawn signs.”

The Studio B sign is bare bones, with as much flair as generic packaging from the late 1970s. And the message is deceptively simple: drive past the sign one direction, and you might not get the effect.

photo 2 (3)

“It’s only when you pass the other way that the sign really connects,” Says Turner Hall.

While response to the Lawn Sign campaign has proven to be positive, this lawn-centric community has also has its nay-sayers. Some Maplewood citizens slow down as they drive by, and shake their heads in unhappy disbelief. “No duh,” they can be seen to say.

(For various reactions, see the MaplewoodOnline thread here — not to be confused with the “Take Down the Dam Lawn Signs! thread here.)

The Studio B honchos are undaunted.

“Look, what we’re saying is, let’s slow down and really think about what a lawn sign is. Let’s not take it for granted any more. This is about freedom of expression, suburbia, and having the best possible lawn sign.”

LAWN SIGNS are $20, and can be ordered by emailing Studio B at The LAWN SIGN fund will go towards paying artists’ fees for Studio B’s 2014-2015 season.

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