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‘Funky Fun Art’ Brings Programs to Maplewood’s Woodland for Kids Thru Seniors

From Maplewood Recreation and Cultural Affairs:

Melissa Mancuso and Denise Hayden

Maplewood Recreation and Cultural Affairs is proud to announce a new partnership with Funky Fun Art.

The Maplewood Community Services Director, Melissa Mancuso, met Denise Hayden at a senior event in South Orange last year. In December, Melissa and Denise sat down to discuss offering new art programming in Maplewood. They found space on the now accessible third floor of The Woodland, and Denise has transformed it into a brand new studio space for Funky Fun Art. With the new addition of the ADA compliant elevator, the third floor will soon be accessible and will be used, as it has remained untouched for many years.

“Immediately upon meeting Denise I found her vibrant and interesting, and I loved the programming she offers. Denise will be facilitating some Senior Art initiatives to add to our already robust senior art programming, along with many youth classes and camps. We are especially excited for the new Summer Camp offerings for our residents from 1st through 6th grade. As a mom, I’m thinking, “Who doesn’t want to send their kid to a messy art camp outside of the home?” We welcome Denise and Funky Fun Art, and look forward to her energy and talent joining the Maplewood Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department,” shared Melissa Mancuso, Director of Community Services.

Funky Fun Art began in South Orange in 2014. Denise, a Columbia alumni, has been offering unique art classes to the community for over 15 years. In the new studio she will continue to offer these fun, trendy classes and will be adding new programming seasonally. Denise has just released her summer camp offerings. Some of those weeks are: Black light camp, YouTube camp, Slime camp and so much more! She is taking a new approach to a more modern studio space and will embrace traditional art while moving forward into a tech friendly atmosphere.  The studio is set up with multiple art stations to allow kids to choose what they would like to work on. Denise says, “While we do focus on group projects and activities there is a lot of free time and it allows kids to explore different projects at their leisure.”

Fall programming will expand the offerings and will include kids’ classes, adult classes, workshops and some fun evening and weekend events.

All of the information can be found on or

To register for Maplewood Recreation and Cultural Affairs summer camps, including Funky Fun Art, go to  Call Maplewood Recreation at 973.763.4202 with any questions or to register for classes!

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