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Last Chance to Help Fund New Maplewood Train Tunnel Art!

From the Maplewood Arts Council:

Maplewood Train Tunnel, courtesy of Maplewood Arts Council

Maybe you heard in December that the Maplewood Arts Council is working to bring visual art back to our train tunnels? Maybe you were excited by the news?

We’re on it—but we need your help! We are working with local officials and NJ Transit, and we’ve received generous support from more than 130 community members, including two gifts of $1,000 each from The Able Baker and the Vanessa Pollock Properties Group (Keller Williams). We’re close to reaching our first big goal: beautifying the main tunnel under the station. But with two weeks left to go in our fund drive, we’re still short of the funds we need to pay for artists, materials, and installation. We need you to step up and help us in this final push.

Are you interested in a sponsorship opportunity? Donations of $1,000 or more will be acknowledged by a separate plaque next to an artwork; donations between $500 and $1,000 will be acknowledged by inclusion of your name, or your business’s name, on a group plaque.

And in case you didn’t know…

  • The artists will not be painting directly onto the tunnel walls; they will create their works on panels that will then be securely affixed to the walls. That way, the art won’t be as vulnerable to weather, leaks, etc.
  • Our RFP (Request For Proposal) will go out in early February. Artists, please get ready to send us a proposal for artwork you can create on 4’ x 8’ panels. We welcome a variety of media in addition to painting! An application with the RFP will be available through our website,, and announcements will be made in a variety of media. Follow us on instagram for latest announcements:
  • Once this project of beautifying the main train tunnel is complete, we’ll turn to Phase 2, which is the other, shorter tunnel under the tracks. Stay tuned…

Please help us chase the winter doldrums by bringing Maplewood’s immense creative heat and light into our train tunnels. Donations of any amount are welcome!


Photo by Cindy Price

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