Live Outdoor Music Returns to Maplewood with Socially Distanced Concert Series

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From the Township of Maplewood Division of Arts & Culture:

Music Mondays and the Village Sunset Music Series bring local talent to the streets of Maplewood in August and September 2020. The exciting new music experience is a collaboration between the Maplewood Division of Arts & Culture, the Maplewood Village Alliance, and the Springfield Avenue Partnership.

Ana De Archuleta, Director, Arts & Culture, with an extensive background in music, is curating the outdoor concert series. Melissa Mancuso, Director, Community Services Department says, “Ana is injecting much needed energy and rhythm to the streets of our artsy pedestrian town. After months of sheltering in place, residents are ready to safely venture out to eat, stroll, and shop with masks and hand sanitizer in tow, all while keeping six feet apart! We can have fun, relax and enjoy — all while staying safe.”

Music Mondays begin 4:30pm, August 3rd at the Maplewood Farmers Market on Springfield Avenue’s Yale Corner. The Village Sunset Music Series will take place on Fridays and Saturdays at 6:30pm starting August 7th. The sets will run approximately 90 minutes each.

Deborah Yohannan, Maplewood Village Alliance believes, “The Village Sunset Music Series is sure to be the first of many symbiotic collaborations with the Division of Arts & Culture that will enhance the cultural experience, resonate with our residents, and support our local businesses. Nicole Wallace, Springfield Avenue Partnership agrees and adds, “We look forward to working with the Division of Arts & Culture in bringing music, entertainment and a strong sense of community to the Farmers Market and other locales on Springfield Avenue Maplewood (SAM) to provide background music for outdoor adventures.”

The Maplewood Farmers Market is open Mondays 2pm – 7pm through November 23, 2020.

Click here for Market Rules.

Victor DeLuca, Township Committeeman and Liaison to the Maplewood Arts Council says, “Music Mondays and the Village Sunset Music Series fill a needed gap that will benefit our businesses as well as enliven the dining and shopping experience for our residents. It’s the boost we need right now as we stay physically distanced, yet socially and culturally connected.”

Cultural engagement is the goal for a community that values the arts and the quality of life they provide; however, safety is the number one priority for the concerts and street music scattered around town. Safety measures are in place and Social Distancing Ambassadors will remind onlookers to wear their masks and to stay at least six feet apart. Candice Davenport, Maplewood’s Health Officer recognizes, “the importance of music and the satisfaction and joy that it brings to our citizens.” With safety first and the well-being of all in mind, Davenport notes, “Visual prompts, signage and verbal announcements will remind people to follow the state recommended safety guidelines.”

The outdoor music series if free and open to all. Music has been known to makes us feel good, fend off depression, improve our health and relieve stress. Ana De Archuleta encourages us to, “Take a break from zooms and technology to come enjoy the emotional and visceral joy of listening to live music together.”

The diverse selection of local artists will cover an array of genres from Latin Flamenco to Caribbean Folk. The first wave of open-air concerts showcases: Blue Sphere Jazz Quartet, Viva Flamenco, Dominant Seven, Dan Crisci Duo, The Ben Williams 3, Bruno Lee, Lyndon Achee, “Mo” and Danny, TRA1N, Los Traficantes del Amor, and Linda & The Lovetones.

Music Mondays and the Village Sunset Music Series are sponsored by The Township of Maplewood, The Maplewood Community Services Department, The Maplewood Division of Arts & Culture, The Maplewood Village Alliance, The Springfield Avenue Partnership, and local businesses. Any group, business, organization or individual interested in sponsoring an event, performance, or a specific date should contact the Division of Arts & Culture at 973-908-2019.

Tune in on social media for weekly updates on the line up. For details and biographies on the performers, as well as upcoming events and news visit

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