Lydia Johnson Dance School Announces a New Class Titled ‘Ballet for Everyone!’

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From Lydia Johnson Dance School

Lydia Johnson Dance School announces a NEW class titled  Ballet for Everyone! which starts Wednesdays at 5:45pm in January.

Ballet for Everyone! is the perfect dance class for all who want to experience the joy of ballet without any competitive judgement! The class is open to middle school, high school and adult beginners as well as actors, athletes, musicians and singers. 

Basic ballet can be a great benefit to a wide range of students! Athletes, actors and musicians, for example, find ballet to be important for strength, flexibility and alignment. Ballet instills self-confidence and grace as classes become a reliable framework to work on individual challenges.  

This class will encourage students to develop a sense of ease in settings such as acting, athletics and public speaking through a basic study of ballet. The class begins with a barre and progresses into beautiful flowing sequences that really move and allow all levels of dancers to be expressive while using their technique.

Questions: Email Lydia directly to set up a time to chat about this class at

Ballet for Everyone! runs for 16 sessions on Wednesdays from 5:45-6:45pm starting on January 12, 2022. 

Lydia Johnson Dance School is the not-for-profit educational arm of Lydia Johnson Dance, a professional company rehearsing and performing in New York City. The Company is also the Dance Company-in-Residence at The Burgdorff Center in Maplewood Village, offering free performances and workshops to our local area. Ms. Johnson is an acclaimed choreographer.

“Johnson is a craftsman and a poet; her works, which stress the ensemble and attend closely to the music, have an ebb and flow in addition to a strong emotional current. The basis of her technique is ballet, and her dancers are strong.”    

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