Maplewood Green Team Holds Kickoff Event 9/10 at The Woodland

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Maplewood’s Green Team will host its annual Green Team Kickoff Event at The Woodland Thursday, Sept. 10 from 7-9 pm.

Green Team banner“It will be an informative social and networking session where people can come to learn about the state of Sustainability in Maplewood and the projects that the Maplewood Green Team is working on and hopes to undertake,” said new co-chair Sheila Baker Gujral. “Joe Manning, the Maplewood Township Administrator, will be speaking about what the township is doing and is planning to do in its sustainability efforts. Bob McCoy, the Maplewood Environmental Advisory Committee Chair, will be speaking about the state of sustainability in Maplewood. [Co-chair] Clare Payton and I will be talking about what the Green Team is presently undertaking and what we hope to do.”

“The Maplewood Green Team extends a big ‘Thank You’ to Tracey Woods as she steps away from her years as our fearless leader,” said Maplewood Deputy Mayor Kathy Leventhal. “Sheila Baker Gujral and Clare Payton planned the Kick-off event to share their enthusiasm and plans for all things green.Green Team event 2

She continued, “A main focus of the social gathering on Thursday is to enrich the Green Team with new members and their ideas. Maplewood is a leader in New Jersey’s sustainable movement – come join us!”

For more information visit the Maplewood is Green website.

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