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MapSO BookFest to Host Mini-Mid-Summer Children’s BookFest July 26 at Flood’s Hill

The Maplewood-South Orange Book Festival will hold a “mini-mid-summer children’s book fest” this Wednesday, July 26, at Flood’s Hill in South Orange, as part of the pre-concert activities for South Orange Summer Nights. (Concerts begin at 7:30 p.m. at Floods Hill in Meadowland Park. Arrive early to order from the food trucks and pick out a spot on the lawn! This week’s band is Counterfeiters, an 80s/90s party band.)

The mini-mid-summer children’s book fest event will feature three local children’s authors:

Eric Morse is a writer and father of four who lives in Maplewood. When he’s not listening to old hip-hop records, he’s listening to new hip-hop MP3s. Eric is the author of What Is Punk? and the forthcoming What is Hip-Hop?

Jennifer Vogel Bass  is the author and photographer of Edible Colors, and Edible Numbers. Over the course of three years, she photographed every variation of a fruit or a vegetable she could find. Currently, Jennifer lives with her family in Maplewood.

Mike Marlbrough is the author of the newly released Marigold Bakes A Cake. He is the director of ORNG Ink, an after-school studio for young artists, and lives in Orange with his wife, two adventurous kids, and a cat named Agnes that hates him.

The second annual Maplewood-South Orange Book Festival will be held June 8 and 9, 2018. For more information, visit

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