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PHOTOS: A Maplewood 4th of July Tradition Where the Goodness is Baked Right In

Although the eye-poppingly glorious fireworks get the glory, Maplewood residents love their hometown Maplewood 4th of July celebration for many of its humbler, homier aspects.

The annual baking contest is one of them.

Organized by Janet Crane and judged by a fleet of volunteers, the contest draws the most charming, creative and tasty baked goods around each year — most with a red, white and blue theme.

This year’s volunteer judges included: Susanna Mann; Susan and Lilly Ramos; Sandy Faust; Nancy O’Connell; Karen and Nancy Biss; Diane Malloy; Barb Illingsworth; Margaret Gray, Tim Gray and their daughters; Maya and Finn Banas; Erica Leahy; and Ann, Misha and Karen from The Able Baker.

Enjoy photos of some of the submissions and winners here:

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