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PHOTOS: SOMA Rocks Out to Raise Funds for CHS Acoustic Cloud

Indeed, it takes a village to keep our towns rocking and rolling.

On a sleepy post-holiday Saturday night, 325 people came out to help SOMA Rocks and the Columbia High School Music Parents Association — CHSMPA —  raise $7,000 toward new acoustical sound cloud for the CHS auditorium stage.

“The addition of this adaptable sound cloud to the CHS stage will provide audiences with a whole new experience when watching our kids in any choral, band, or orchestral performance,” said Yvette Holowczak, CHSMPA President.

SOMA Rocks, a benefit concert series presented by The Local Heroes band, joined forces with the CHSMPA for the first time for the January 12 fundraiser.

The all-female Noteworthy CHS a cappella group opened for the SOMA Rocks Local Heroes band, which was accompanied by local singer Diane Davis, soon to star in the Broadway production of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” Musical equipment was provided by The Pollock Group.

According to David Pohl, The Local Heroes’ guitarist, the concept behind SOMA Rocks is “to showcase the amazing vocal and performer talent that exists among our community – familiar faces from around town, at school, and on the train. We want to give talented singers a night to be stars, performing together with the Local Heroes house band. Each SOMA Rocks event will feature different guest singers and styles. We were thrilled to work with CHSMPA this time, to help out our community in a meaningful way.”

Even with the tremendous success of this first-time event, CHSMPA still needs $2,000 more to fully pay for the sound cloud, which costs $9,000 total with installation. If you can, please donate any amount by going here. For any other information on CHSMPA, please visit the organization’s home page or contact [email protected].

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