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Pride Under the Stars! Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Stonewall Rebellion June 15 in South Orange

From North Jersey Pride:

The LGBTQ nonprofit North Jersey Pride is hosting an outdoor dance party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion with DJ, drinks and dancing! Sloan St. will be closed to traffic for the event. Drink tickets will be sold onsite for cash or credit.

Because the dance is co-sponsored by South Orange Village, admission cannot be charged, but North Jersey Pride organizers are asking for a suggested donation of $20 to cover costs. Check out the FAQ below for more info or visit the web site.

Dance FAQ

Q. Do I need to pay in advance?

A. The short answer is no. But we can promise a much shorter wait if you buy in advance. Plus, you’ll be helping us tremendously because without pre-order, it’s nearly impossible to estimate on supplies (e.g, alcohol).

Q. But if it’s a “suggested donation,” why do I have to pay anything?

A. Actually, you don’t—and we promise we’ll love you just as much. But we’re hoping you can help us cover costs for the event with a small donation and in exchange, we’ll give you free drinks and raffle tickets for an amazing prize! We can’t actually charge admission because it’s a municipally sponsored outdoor event (and we’re big rule followers). But as an all-volunteer nonprofit, it’s tough to throw an event of this size without charging admission.

Q. Wait—you’re all volunteers? But you work so hard. Don’t you have any paid staff? 

A. I know, right?? It’s hard to believe. But we’re all volunteers, every last one of us. You should join us! It’s incredibly rewarding to give back to the community and pay it forward.

Q. What will you do with the money you raise, after all expenses are covered?

A. Good question. In addition to funding our RAD Family program, we are focused this year on hosting regular LGBTQ youth social outings, beginning this fall. Even after young people come out, and even if they are fortunate enough to find accepting family, it’s not easy for them to meet other out youth or find age-appropriate community. We want to help LGBTQ kids find one another in a safe, supportive (and fun!) environment. Every dollar we receive over and above expenses, will go toward that programming.

Q. Okaaaaay, I’ll donate. But if it’s a fundraiser, will I have to listen to boring speeches?

A. No! There will be absolutely no speech-making of any kind at this event. Just dancing, drinking, and celebrating with community!

Q.Where can I park? 

A. Parking in South Orange is free at that hour. We are recommending the Third Street Garage at the corner of Third and Sloan Streets. You can also find free parking in the SOPAC lot, which can be accessed from either South Orange Ave. or Church St.

Q. Do I need to bring cash with me for drinks?

A. Nope. We will be selling drink tickets for cash OR credit, so just bring a credit card and you’re good!

Q. Is this event kid-friendly?

A. Nobody under age 21 (IDs will be checked by security!) will be permitted in the bar area; however, there will be a sizable area on Sloan St. next to the over-21 zone where teens are welcome to hang out and dance, socialize, etc. They will be able to hear the music, see the lights and enjoy the beautiful night!

Q. What happens if it rains? 

A. Rain date! TBD

Q. Help! I still have questions!

A. Ask us!

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