‘A Town’ — Mystery Poem Popping Up All Over Maplewood

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The following poem has been posted on the doors of several establishments in Maplewood over the past few days — from Ridgewood Row to Maplewood Village — delighting many who have snapped a quick picture of the piece and posted it to social media.

Cedar Ridge Cafe & Bakery posted the following to its Facebook page on March 16: “What a lovely surprise to find this taped to the wall outside the café this morning. Thank you to whomever waxed poetic about the ‘wood.”

Locals are musing: Just who could be the author? (Psst: If you know, send us a tip at villagegreennj@gmail.com.)

A Town

If you’re reading this,
you might live in a town
where people worship their bagels
and rave about this local restaurant “trat”
that serves pizza that cuddles your tastebuds

there’s also this quirky ice cream parlor
that has inarguably the best milkshakes.
you might hear about the bakeries,
the able baker with its nectarous pies and rich cookies
or Cedar Ridge,
with its classic cold-brew coffee
and homemade ice cream sandwiches
along with its inviting owners and staff.

you might walk to find yourself
in its widely spread park
or up in the hills where the reservation is open
Here you can come at sunset,
and watch the sky purge out its color
and turn into an ill black.

this is a town,
where the creativity is endless
where the people are warm.

if you’re reading this,
you live in a town
that is worth writing about
and worth sharing
that is a privilege to call home.

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