Valley Arts Welcomes First Black Female Executive Director, June Smith

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From Valley Arts NJ: 

On the heels of Women’s month, Valley Arts NJ makes a bold statement in welcoming June Smith on board as the first woman of color to hold the Executive Director title for the culturally and economically diverse organization. Tasked with overseeing day-to-day activities, improving performance, developing organizational culture, reporting on revenue, and directing organizational strategy, Board President Paul Williams adds, “the board is extremely excited to have June step into the Executive Director role. She brings a level of experience and a clear vision that will improve on our current offerings and expand the scope of our programming.” Straddling Orange and West Orange, NJ – Valley Arts is centrally located in within a 15-block radius known as the ValleyArts district.

June Smith

June Smith, a Caribbean immigrant, has a strong passion for commitment, excellence and professionalism. Alike the centric community Valley Arts serves, June is a natural born artist, entrepreneur, writer and editor. Having been faced with adversity and failure, June channels those experiences to springboard her out-of-the-box thinking.

In her spare time, she works in event production and has worked with a variety of celebrities in the film and music industry. Currently residing in the New York metro area, June is a graduate of Rutgers University where she holds a mini-MPA, and a double degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. Moreover, she has additionally acquired a certification in Business Incubation Management from the International Business Innovation Association and is a Certified Financial Counselor for the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. June believes that cementing the issue of self-sufficiency is critical while engaging in robust efforts to break the vicious cycle of poverty and dependency. She is driven and committed to her dreams and aspirations of making a meaningful impact in the world. Valley Arts Board Member Reginald Canal commented, “June’s unique ability to secure strategic partnerships and strong relationships with local and national financial institutions will position Valley Arts for greater success in the near- and long-term horizon.

Established in 2005, Valley Arts has used art, creativity and relationship building as a force of empowerment to the vibrant community of creative entrepreneurs and affiliates they serve. Utilizing all aspects of outreach, Valley Arts focuses on inspiring and developing young creatives, offering art education, providing economic opportunity for local artists and small business owners and spotlighting community collaborations. Valley Arts strives to encourage everyone to incorporate the use of arts, culture and creativity into various aspects of everyday life.

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