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Words Bookstore in Maplewood Hosts Frisbee’s Keeper, David Gessner, July 28

The following is from Riverhead Books
On July 28th at 7:30 pm, [words] Bookstore in Maplewood will host David Gessner, author and ultimate frisbee chronicler, to speak about his newest book, Ultimate Glory.
 ULTIMATE GLORY is a portr ait of the artist as a young ruffian. Driven by ambition, whimsy, love, and vanity, Gessner lives for those moments when he loses himself completely in the game of ultimate frisbee. He shares the field and his seemingly insane obsession with a cast of closely knit, larger-than-life characters. As his sport grows up, so does he, and eventually he gives up chasing flying discs to pursue a career as a writer. But he never forgets his love for this misunderstood sport and the rare sense of purpose he attained as a member of its priesthood.
John Jeremiah Sullivan, author of Pulphead, said, “The history of Ultimate Frisbee had not yet been written by one who was there, there for the ugly, early, drunken days when men first turned to themselves and one another and asked whether a modified form of football could be played using flying discs, and answered, ‘Yes!,’ or didn’t answer, just started playing it, running and drinking and diving. Gessner has come for the game that made him great. Read it.”
At the AUDL (American Ultimate Disc League), they said, “[A]n immensely enjoyable page-turner… Gessner does a tremendous job of articulating the unique emotion, passion, and power that ultimate can provoke, along with the everyday skepticism and bewilderment that the most dedicated of ultimate lifers face on a regular basis… [T]he writing possesses a polish and depth that makes me think that an ultimate muggle could read this and begin to better understand an ultimate player’s soul.”
The Wall Street Journal says ULTIMATE GLORY is “substantial, bearing comparison to William Finnegan’s Pulitzer Prize‐winning surfing memoir, ‘Barbarian Days,’” while The Washington Post calls it “an exploration of the questing desires of the young heart.”

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