CMB Kicks for Specialty Sneakers in South Orange       

by The Village Green
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If stylish sneakers are what you’d like in your stocking, Michael Gilliard and Breitner Ermeus of CMB Kicks have what you need.

They have any new sneaker you might want: like maybe the newest Nike, Yeezy or Air Jordans. Says Gilliard, “You name it, we have it.” And if you don’t see it in stock, they will order it.

Four years ago, they decided to go into business selling premium sneakers to the public. It’s a lot more complicated than running a more traditional shoe store. “We are a destination shop,” says Gilliard, “because we specialize in hard-to-find items.”

And not just new shoes. The staff at CMB Kicks can get you a lot of older model sneakers, too.

“I just came back from L.A. with 70 pairs of [vintage] sneakers,” says Gilliard.

Their shoes range in price from $50 for regular, in-stock items up to $1,800 for a pair of Nike ParaNorman Foamposite Ones. Only 800 pairs of the Nike ParaNormans were made, and CMB Kicks had two of them.

“You might see 1,000 people lined up outside of a FootLocker trying to buy one of 15 pairs of a specialty sneaker. But you can spare yourself the effort, because we probably have it,” says Gilliard.

Gilliard and Ermeus started as sneaker enthusiasts, with large personal collections. “I used to have a lot, but now I’m down to about 100 pairs of my own,” Gilliard laughs. And in case you’re wondering, he does wear the shoes. Even the rarest and most expensive ones in his collection are eventually walked in.

CMB Kicks also offers customization services. You come in, pick out your shoes, and their artist will work with you to make the sneakers unique to you. The service costs between $50 and $150, and delivery can take 3 weeks, so plan accordingly.

And if you already have sneakers you love, but they are looking dirty or not smelling their best, CMB Kicks offers a sneaker dry cleaning service for $20.

So give yourself, or someone you love, the gift of the perfect sneakers. The sneakers you want may be rare, but CMB Kicks will make them easy to find.

CMB Kicks, 77 South Orange Ave, South Orange, (973) 275-5180, Follow them on Instagram at @cmbkicks, on Twitter @cmbkicks and on Facebook.

Gilliard, Ermeus and their customers love posting photos of CMB Kicks purchases to Instagram. Click to enlarge:

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