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Glamurosa Floral Design Opens on Springfield Avenue

“My arrangements say something about you. They tell your story,” says Edith Villavicencio, owner of Glamurosa Floral Design.

“My clients tell me what they like, why they are buying flowers, their favorite colors and flowers, and I put together custom arrangements that are tailored to them and what they are trying to say,” says Villavicencio.

Edith Villavicencio of Glamurosa Floral Design

Glamurosa Floral opened in April at the tony new 1611 Springfield Avenue location, across the street from Walgreens and the Maplewood Police Department.

You may recognize Villavicencio. She has lived in Maplewood for 9 years and has spent much of it giving back to the community. A former labor contract negotiator, she later trained as both a wedding planner and a floral designer. In addition to her efforts with Glamurosa, she uses her skills to offer free floral arranging classes in local women’s shelters and schools.

“Letting people use their creativity makes them happy,” says Villacencio.

Looking around Glamurosa, you can imagine Villavicencio must be happy too, because there are creative, colorful, elegant arrangements on display all around.

Glamurosa joins a growing number of florists in the SOMA area, but Villavicencio is confident in her niche and ability to give customers what they want. “This new location is perfect for us. The businesses in this building are a creative collaboration and we all support the Maplewood/South Orange area,” says Villavicencio. She shares the building with other high end shops like Red Carpet Lady, Maplewood Bridal, and Stainfil Studios.

Glamurosa Floral Design’s core business may be providing floral services for weddings and events, but Glamurosa is a full-service shop.

“We have daily bouquets with flowers from $10 to $20 ready to grab and go, and if you call to tell me what you’re looking for and what your budget is, I can create exactly what you need and have it waiting for you,” says Villavicencio. And here’s a bonus: delivery in SOMA is free with a $25 or more purchase.

Once you get Glamurosa’s arrangements home, Villavicencio has advice extend the life of your flowers:

  • Cut your flowers. Using floral scissors (or whatever you have) cut them at an angle when you bring them home, and every 1-2 days after that.
  • Keep the vase clean. Don’t let buildup accumulate on the inside of the vase. The buildup is bacteria, and bacteria makes your flowers fade.
  • Fill your vase with room temperature water and change the water in the vase every day or two.
  • You don’t need to use flower food packets to keep your flowers fresh. They are meant to keep bacteria from your cut flowers, but cutting the stems and changing the water is more effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Don’t use floral foam! It’s carcinogenic and it doesn’t biodegrade.

Villavicencio is getting fun new spring flowers in now from around the world to make every arrangement stunning. Dutch roses, peonies and gloriosa lilies are just a few of the seasonal favorites you’ll find in the mix at Glamurosa. Villavicencio puts each arrangement in a designer vase, too, so your arrangement looks spectacular from the bottom up.

So whether you need floral design from a corsage for prom to wedding design, Glamurosa’s flowers will tell your story the way you’d like it told.

Glamurosa Floral Design

1611 Springfield Ave., Unit C, Maplewood, NJ 908-760-6511


Monday-Friday: 10am-5pm

Saturday: 10am-1pm

Sunday: Closed

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