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Maplewood Women Launch Politically Minded Shop to Benefit ACLU

The following is from The Good Riot, LLC

Two Maplewood women, Chloe Galkin & Sandy Rustin, friends from Northwestern University, have launched The Good Riot is a SHOP offering products that protest, a BLOG offering action steps to support that protest and a CAUSE offering the ACLU 10% on every protest product purchased.

Combining their expertise (Chloe as a graphic designer, Sandy as a comedy writer) and their passion to stand up to the current Trump administration, the Co-Owners decided to create the during the Women’s March in NYC on January 21st.

The website currently boasts t-shirts and water bottles with humorous, Anti-Trump political messages, and regularly updated action steps designed to protest the current administration.

“The Good Riot design and graphics are so great, I’d love them even if they didn’t support the ACLU. But love even more that they do,” says Danielle Pergament, Executive Editor at Allure.

The business intends to expand to include new and consistently relevant products and additional sizes. Ms. Galkin draws from her extensive experience as a graphic designer working for both individual clients and corporate clients, such as Conde Nast, doing editorial design, logos, posters, brochures, invitations, presentations and more. Ms. Rustin pulls from her experience as an award-winning playwright and actress, whose musical, Rated P, was optioned by ABC-Studios for television development.

10% of the business’ proceeds go to the ACLU. For almost 100 years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

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