Maplewood’s ‘FruitGuys’ Deliver Locally-Sourced Fruit to Businesses

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Companies looking to offer employees a workday snack now have an alternative to traditional bagels and cupcakes: The FruitGuys.

The Fruit Guys offers Lunch & Learns to provide employees with ongoing information about how to get the most out of their deliveries.

The FruitGuys offers Lunch & Learns to provide employees with ongoing information about how to get the most out of their deliveries.

Focused on changing the way people work by providing nutritious food choices, the San Francisco-based business opened at 515 Valley St. in Maplewood last September and has been supplying crates of locally-sourced produce to companies throughout the area ever since.

Maplewood resident, and Director of Sales Development for The FruitGuys, Drew Dix explains that while delivering fruit seems like a simple premise, what the company really brings to the table is wellness in the workplace, which increases morale and productivity.

Committed to powering an organization’s growth naturally, The FruitGuys supports local farms in regions across the country and buys as much seasonal fruit as possible directly from farmers. Next, the produce is packed securely in the company’s patented crates and delivered the next day.

“Orders are completely customizable or you can follow Mother Nature’s schedule throughout the year,” says Dix. “We ask you to trust us and we’ll deliver what’s in season in your area, but if you want all apples, you got it.”

The FruitGuys offer different mixes and crate sizes and will tailor a proposal to fit each company’s fruit needs and budget.

Dix points out that studies show money spent on wellness programs for workers can yield a big return on investment for employers. According to Health Affairs, a leading journal of health policy thought and research, for every dollar spent on wellness initiatives, medical costs fall by about $3.27, while absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent.

While Dix happily reports that “the fruit sells itself,” The FruitGuys’ Maplewood location is hiring full- and part-time sales people who are interested in calling on local businesses to interest them in the fruit delivery program.10399301_19425369579_1778_n

In addition to receiving a hearty, hand-picked harvest, regular customers are also provided with ongoing education from The FruitGuys in the form of Lunch & Learns.

“We offer them the tools to get the most out of it,” says Dix. “We’ll host juicing demos, or I’ll get dressed up in our banana suit and talk about the benefits of red fruit versus yellow fruit. We want them to engage with us and what they’re eating.  We go deeper.”

Dix invites any local businesses interested in learning more about the program or sampling the fruit to contact him at For more information visit the FruitGuys website, Facebook page, or call (877) 378-4863.

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