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MENU: ChiKpea Open Now in Maplewood Village, Serving Mediterranean Cuisine

It’s turning out to be a diner’s delight in Maplewood and South Orange with all the new and announced restaurants. The latest to join the fray is ChiKpea which purports to supply “Maplewood’s Missing Cuisine!” — Mediterranean fare.

After delaying a scheduled June 17 opening due to a gas line issue, ChiKpea greeted customers for the first time on Friday, June 21.

ChiKpea t is open 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily (but CLOSED MONDAYS) at 175 Maplewood Avenue — the former Abril Cocina location.

So far, the reviews are good. Posted one instagram (chikpea_maplewood) follower: “I just had a delicious chicken over rice platter with 3 sides!! So flavorful and filling. Just what this town needed! Best of luck.”

Check out the menu board below (photo courtesy of Maddie Haines):

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