Seton Village Biz Profile: Grub N Go Alkaline Restaurant & Juice Bar

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Meet Douglass Thompson and Andrea Whitney, owners of the new Grub N Go Alkaline Restaurant and Juice Bar, a new vegan eatery at 307 Irvington Avenue in Seton Village, South Orange. This business profile is re-posted here with permission of the Seton Village Neighborhood Preservation Program.

Seton Village Neighborhood Preservation Program: Tell us about yourselves and why you decided to open Grub N Go.

Douglass & Andrea: Hello, we are Douglass & Andrea, owners of 7’s Barbershop in South Orange Village. As business owners and barbers, we struggled to find Alkaline like food nearby. We always played with thought of having our own Alkaline restaurant. One day the opportunity knocked.

NPP: Talk about your menu and what Alkaline eating is for those who may be unfamiliar.

D&A: Alkaline eating is consuming non-acidic products that have a natural ph greater than 7. At Grub N Go we follow the late Dr. Sebi’s “Nutritional Guide” and recreate dishes that we all love.

NPP: As a new Seton Village business owner, how do you plan to reach out to the local community and Seton Hall student body?

D&A: As new Seton Village business owners, we plan to reach out to the local community and the Seton Hall University student body by offering weekly specials, happy hour & student discounts.

NPP: What are some of your favorite local businesses?

D&A: Some of our favorite local businesses are Village Diner, Toro Loco, Papillon 25, El Greco Pizza, Morgan’s Liquor Store and more.

Find out more about Seton Village at See more photos of Grub N Go here

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