Seton Village Business Profile: Ornella Williams of Chamberi Boutique

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Meet Ornella Williams from Chamberi Boutique at 253 Irvington Avenue, courtesy of the Seton Village Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP):

NPP: How long have you been in business?

OW: I have been in business since March 2022.

NPP: What brought you to Seton Village as the location for your business?

OW: I first learned about Irvington Ave when Melinda Saint Pierre of Heritage Hair invited me to take a look at the place (we now share the space). I instantly fell in love with it. There are many restaurants and there’s even a gas station right across the street.

NPP: What’s you favorite part of running Chamberi Boutique?

OW: My favorite part of running Chamberi Boutique is the look on the customers’ faces when they find a dress or handbag that they love. That look of confidence when they know they look good!

NPP: What would you like to see change for you or other businesses in the area?

OW: I would love to see a little more foot traffic on Irvington Ave. I would love for it to be a place where people wake up and think about.

NPP: Give a shout-out to some of your favorite customers/clients! Name names.

OW: This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole and helping her find a dress for her event. Nicole stood out to me because she has the same name as my mother and she reminded me of her.

NPP: Other than your business, what other Seton Village and South Orange businesses do you frequent? Why?

OW: I’m a foodie so I frequent many of the restaurants such as Inkosi, Guanaticos Restaurant, La Villa Mexican and Salvadoran Food etc. I frequent Fantasy Party World because my children love the toys.

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