Seton Village Business Profile: Your Ultimate Patty Place (YUPP)

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The following business profile is republished here with the permission of the Seton Village Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP). See the original post with additional photos here.

Seton Village NPP sat down with Your Ultimate Patty Place (YUPP) owner Andre Reid to talk patties and to celebrate YUPP’s one year anniversary on Irvington Avenue.

NPP: Now that you’ve been in business for over a year, tell me about what things you’ve learned and/or what has surprised you about opening and running a business like YUPP?

Andre Reid: Now that I’m in business for over a year, I’ve learned that you never know the full scope of the business you’re interested in starting or have started until you’re at least eight months into the business. Even then there’s more to know. What has surprised me the most about opening a business like YUPP is the awesome customer support and acceptance of this new business. I knew it was a good idea but seeing my idea appreciated by so many is at times overwhelming. YUPP!

NPP: What menu additions have you made in the last few months that you want folks to know about?

AR: I recently added Yupp Curry Goat patty to the menu and it has become a regularly sought after choice by customers.

NPP: What can we expect from YUPP in 2023? Events? Promotions?

AP: In 2023 definitely look for my second location opening within the first three months of the year. Coordinated events with the town of South Orange. And much more that everyone will love!

NPP: Give a shout out to the other local businesses you frequent and any of your best customers!

AR: I must say one of my go-to restaurants on Irvington Avenue is Inkosi cafe. They have the best salmon burger and salmon salad around. Also, thanks to all the Seton Hall staff and athletes that frequent Your Ultimate Patty Place LLC. I truly appreciate your business.

NPP: How can Seton Village NPP support YUPP this year?

AR: Doing more events that incorporate local business and hold them all around South Orange. YUPP!

Find out more about Seton Village at See more photos of YUPP here. 

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