The Fringe Salon Says Love Your Lips in 2020

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From the Fringe Salon:

Love Your Lips in 2020

Could 2020 be the best year of your… lips? From nude-but-better beauty looks to a full-on power pout, there seems to be a lip trend for everyone. With lipstick offering an instant way to transform your look and your mood, you might as well try them all!

Red Rules
The mouth-of-the-moment trend that tops the list this year is also a classic. The iconic bold red lip took centerstage in film and appeared on A-List actresses all during award season. Unapologetically-bold red lipstick dominated the Oscars, with Lucy Boynton, Janelle Monáe, Margot Robbie, and Gal Gadot (and more!) all going with glamorous ruby lips.

But you don’t have to be a Hollywood star for this legendary lipstick look, says Fringe Salon makeup artists Jenna Despotovich and Lisa Gimigliano. “Every woman can go with a very bold lipstick,” says Lisa. “Keeping the rest of your makeup more natural is the easiest way to pull this off, but there’s no wrong.” To bring the red carpet to real life, it’s important to understand your skin tone when picking your best red. “Once you identify if your skin tone is warm or cool, you can choose a color that pops,” says Jenna. “If you have warm skin, you want to select a cool tone red – something with a blue undertone like a berry shade. If you have a cool complexion, you want to wear a red with orange undertones, such as a coral-red shade.”

Also, once you’ve selected your best bold color, Lisa recommends using that lipstick to do double duty. “You can apply a little of that lipstick in other ways such as rouge to compliment your skin.” Another way to maximize this trend, is by making it a point to match your red: “You can coordinate your lipstick color with your purse, your shoes or your outfit. Or even your hair!,” says Jenna. “If you have warm red hair, there are certain lipsticks for you. If you have cool blonde hair, a different lipstick color will work to accentuate your hair color.” Plus, just like with an executive power tie, a powerful red lipstick can be a vibe game-changer. “The color red can give you a little extra confidence and a certain energy,” adds Jenna.

Blurred Beauty
But if going full-on glam is outside of your comfort zone, a more subtle take, called the “blurred lip,” that’s been going strong for a few seasons now, is very wearable and still trending heavily. This paint, blot and blend look could be seen on Vanessa Kirby, with a gothic berry stain lip, and Rooney Mara, wearing a blotted red lip, at the BAFTA awards.

You take a favorite shade of lipstick, whether deep and bold or a more medium tone, and incorporate that color in a softer way. With a “blurred lip,” color is applied to the center of your lips and you slowly fade the color application outward. “This is a great way to diffuse a darker color into a more wearable look,” says Jenna. This is a trend to definitely try, because unlike bold red lips, this requires a certain style of application but it does not demand expert precision. A beautifully imperfect look can be easier to achieve and this blotted diffused type of lip, says Jenna, is universally flattering.

Better Naked
If you lean towards a more natural look, you’re in luck. “Moving forward in 2020, the blotted lip and no-lipstick lipstick looks are big,” says Jenna. “A soft nude lip is a simple way to go about achieving a pretty more everyday look.” But soft beige-pink shades work for daytime and for night, as shown by Regina King, Saoirse Ronan, Kelly Marie Tran, Charlize Theron, Zoe Kravitz, Natalie Portman, Cynthia Erivo and America Ferrera (and the list goes on!) at the Oscars, whose pretty pale-toned pouts were the epitome of clean, sophisticated and seemingly effortless beauty. “Nude shades are ideal when you’ve applied bold eye makeup and don’t want to take away from the eye,” says Jenna. Knowing your skin tone is key to pulling off this pale trend, too. “When you’re playing up other features and you don’t want to enhance your lip, you want your color to match your skin tone. If you have warm skin, go with a warm tone nude so it doesn’t pop.”

Gloss is Boss
You can also take the nude trend to the next level by applying gloss. Gorgeous glossy lips were also seen in full force on the red carpet, as with stars Scarlett Johansson and Sibley Scoles who displayed neutral nude tones topped with some extra standout shine. In the movie Bombshell, which won the Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie’s characters piled on the gloss! “We are going to see the glossy look a lot this year into next,” says Jenna. “It’s very easy — it’s lip gloss! Even on top of a nude blotted lip, adding some shine gives your lips that extra dimension and punch. It’s flattering on everyone and all skin tones, whether it tops some color or you go clear, accentuating your own natural lip color.”

Ready, Set, Prep
To apply lipstick like a pro, practicing proper lip care beforehand will set you up for success. “Conditioning is always important for whatever look you’re going for,” says Jenna, “even when going without lipstick and, especially in the winter, when lips are even more susceptible to becoming chapped.” The cold air, the chilling wind and drying heated inside air all contribute to dry lips. Flaky lips are uncomfortable and definitely make for a failed lipstick look. In addition to staying hydrated, it’s important to incorporate gentle exfoliation and moisturizing into your beauty routine. “When you care for your lips first, exfoliating and treating them, your lipstick will also last longer,” says Jenna. Lisa recommends a couple of key products to help lipstick glide on smoothly and keep your lips soft and lipstick-ready. “Aveda’s Feed My Lips™ Pure Nourish-mint™ Lip Treatment is really great for moisturizing before you apply lipstick or lip gloss.” And to prevent the dreaded lipstick bleed or feathering, Lisa recommends using Aveda’s Feed My Lips™ Pure Nourish-mint™ Lip Primer first. “It’s a colorless lip liner that primes your lips before applying color. It moisturizes and lines the mouth, so color doesn’t bleed into any fine lines.”

Lipstick Lessons
Lip liner is the silent partner to perfect lipstick. In addition to helping keep your lipstick in place, lip liner will create definition. “It should be everyone’s go-to,” says Jenna. “And applying concealer or lip primer before applying color will also help to prevent your lipstick from wearing off.” For more tips and tricks for mastering your best mouth, lipstick gurus Jenna and Lisa are sharing expert step-by-step guidance in their upcoming hands-on Fringe Beauty School mini workshop, “Perfect Your Pout,” taking place on Wed, Feb. 26th. The class will cover everything you need to know from how to properly care for and prime your lips to how to master any lipstick trend you’re after. “Women should have the opportunity to try on both ‘mild’ and ‘wild’ looks,” says Lisa. “They’ll learn the right techniques and steps for lip prep as we focus on setting and application. We’re offering every guest the chance to try out options and discover what look they love.”

For updates and links to register for workshops, follow the Fringe Salon on Facebook and Instagram (@fringe1874), and visit the Fringe Salon website (

The complete Aveda product line is available at Fringe Salon.


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