Viva Z Marks 3 Years with Fundraiser in Honor of Marcia Worth-Baker

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Saturday, Sept. 26 was the 3rd anniversary of Viva Z Club in Maplewood, and to mark the occasion, the club offered 30-minute “sampler” classes from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event also served as a fundraiser for Doctors without Borders, in honor and memory of Marcia Worth-Baker, who passed away recently.

Twenty six women took part in the classes; each contributed a minimum of $5 for a class. The event raised a total of $265 for Doctors without Borders, an organization Marcia was fond of.

“When hearing of Marcia’s passing it was upsetting,” said Viva Z owner Jeannie Mendez-Doman. “We lost a member of the Viva Z family. So…I decided to ask her daughter, Abby, who also takes classes with us, what Marcia’s favorite charity was.”

She continued, “We are a little family at Viva Z. Holding the fundraiser in support of a charity that was important to Marcia filled our studio with her spirit.”

There were also two vendors present: Claire Sinclair who was featuring Chloe & Isabel products, and Femme. Each donated a portion of the proceeds to Doctors without Borders.

Sinclair also took photos of the event; click on any photo to begin the gallery.

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