Maplewood’s Second Black Lives Matter Street Mural Graces Springfield Avenue

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Photo Credit: Nicole Wallace, Springfield Avenue Partnership

In July, the Maplewood Township Committee voted unanimously to proceed with a second Black Lives Matter mural on Springfield Avenue. Construction of that mural took place this week, and was received positively by both Springfield Avenue Partnership Executive Director Nicole Wallace and Maplewood Mayor Frank McGhee.

“Springfield Avenue is the proud home of many small Black-owned businesses so it’s appropriate and appreciated that a Black Lives Matter mural graces the Avenue,” Wallace said. ” I encourage everyone who supports BLM to also shop/eat/spend local to support our Black-owned business community.”

McGhee emphasized the importance of supplementing the visual statement with tangible action.

“We continue to listen and respond to our residents about their desire to demonstrate how we collectively stand with the Black community unequivocally, and while many felt that our signage on Valley Street was a positive first step and strong message particularly for our students at Columbia High School, Springfield Ave is a major artery and gateway into Maplewood,” he said. “It was equally important for people coming into our community and for our residents who live in town near Springfield Ave to know that Black Lives Matter here in Maplewood. And of course, we need to follow those words with meaningful actions.”

Video footage of the construction can be seen here.

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