PHOTOS: Maplewood’s Memorial Day Parade Marched On, Despite Threat of Rain

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Maplewood’s Memorial Day Parade might have started off silently without Columbia High School’s marching band (due to the threat of rain), but that didn’t stop the parade or the remembrance of those who died serving our country.

Boy Scout troops, Girl Scout troops, the Maplewood Garden Club, the Maplewood Library and the YMCA — complete with marchers in yellow to match the ducks — were just some of the groups marching.  The parade ended in front of Maplewood Town Hall, where Mayor Nancy Adams spoke about those that served and past and current conflicts.

“It was not that long ago that U.S. soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy to fight fascism, discrimination, and anti-semitism across Europe, Russia and beyond,” said Adams. “As we reflect on their courage and sacrifice, we also acknowledge those fighting in the Middle East and in Ukraine with the same goals. We recognize the strong emotions that have surfaced in our own community regarding the war in the Middle East. Many have voiced their anger and frustration over the loss of life, and the toll this horrific conflict has taken on families and communities. Both here and abroad.”

Adams continued, “These feelings are a testament to the deep care and concern we all have for our world and for each other. To those who have protested and spoken out, I want to say we hear you. We hear you. Your voices are a crucial part of our democracy. The right to protest and to question our leaders is one of the freedoms that our service members fought to protect. It is through these rights that we can strive for a better, more just society. However, as we express our views and engage in dialogue, let’s do so with respect and a spirit of unity. Anger, while a natural response to injustice, must be channeled constructively and not directed at our neighbors who feel differently than we do.”

After taps was played by a Boy Scout, the crowd walked across Valley Street to the Y’s Duck Race in Memorial Park.

Read Mayor Adams’ full speech attached below.

Download (DOC, 27KB)

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