SOMA Spotlight: Kimaya Kama Boutique Owner Kimaya Salaskar Thakrar

by The Village Green
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Village Green presents a series called Spotlight, which gives you a chance to get to know your neighbors better. We ask questions. Our Spotlight personality does the rest.

We continue Spotlight with a profile of Kimaya Kama owner, Kimaya Salaskar Thakrar.


Kimaya Salaskar Thakrar

How long have you been part of the SOMA community?

I have lived here for almost 11 years with my husband Manoj.

SOMA or MapSO?

I use SOMA a lot more but I like the sound of MAPSO too.

What do you do?

I own a little boutique in Maplewood village called Kimaya Kama.

Why do you live/work here?

I love the community, the gas lights in South Orange, the quaint feel of Maplewood Village and the proximity to the South Mountain Reservation. We missed it this year but I also love the summer concerts and movies at Floods Hill in South Orange.

Which book have you been meaning to read?

Fire & Blood by George R. R. Martin – the prequel to Game of Thrones.

If you could say one nice thing to the residents of SOMA, what would it be?

I am glad that if I had to go through a lockdown in my lifetime it happened while I am living here, surrounded by awesome supportive friends and neighbors.

Is there anything about our towns that bugs you?

I know everyone always complains about this, but the taxes are very high.

If SOMA was a car/type of music/flavor of ice cream, what kind of car/music/ice cream would it be?

Jeni’s Ice-cream – Sunshine on a Cloudy Day. Delicious grey colored ice-cream that makes you feel happy!

How do you contribute to your community?

By always being aware of where I can lend a hand and offering to help when required.

What’s your favorite dessert in SOMA?

Lorena’s creme brûlée is by far the most decadent and delicious dessert around here.

What’s your favorite thing about living here?

The people, I love our community and the family we have built around here. We don’t have family near us so all our friends and neighbors are now family.

What’s your favorite place to go ‪on Saturday morning?

Taking a walk around the Orange Reservoir….shhhhh… it’s a secret !!

Have you ever seen the SOMA fox? Is it scary or awesome? Was it wearing a mask?

It was a wet rainy night, 1:30am, we heard what sounded like an animal crying. I jumped out of bed and ran around my house to make sure our 3 kitties were fine. That’s when I saw him, he was standing outside our front glass door and my black cat Mac was standing inside looking at him. He was adorable, definitely lived up to his reputation. It was pre-Covid so no masks were in sight!

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