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Baby Trump Bumps the Trump Chicken for SOMA Action All Hands Meeting Sept 30 in Maplewood

On the left, Baby Trump flies over Parliament in London on July 13; on the right, SOMA Action’s Trump Chicken on Plymouth Avenue in Maplewood this past summer.

You’ve seen the Trump chicken popping up around South Orange and Maplewood at various SOMA Action events. Now, Baby Trump will trump the chicken.

Baby Trump is a dirigible that became world famous when it flew — or floated — for two hours over the Houses of Parliament in London on July 13 in protest of the visit by the U.S. President.

SOMA Action has procured one of six dirigibles inspired by the London Baby Trump and will inflate it (with cheap air, not expensive helium) for a SOMA Action All Hands Meeting this Sunday, September 30 between 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. According to SOMA Action organizer Amy Higer, “Baby Trump is coming to Maplewood, making only his third appearance this side of the Atlantic, after Palm Beach.” (Note: reports that Baby Trump made a brief appearance in Somerset County recently.)

Following the inflation, members of SOMA Action will “Meet, greet and learn best practices for knocking doors in the 7th and 11th congressional districts. It’s all about how SOMA can work together, go into overdrive, and FLIP THE HOUSE on Nov. 6th!” according to a flier touting the event.

The meeting is taking place at 1:30 p.m. in the parlor of The Woodland at 60 Woodland Road in Maplewood Village. However, the dirigible will be inflated at Ricalton Square.

“We have Five Weekends before the election and FIVE Flippable House seats, two of which are next-door to SOMA,” stated a SOMA Action press release. “Let’s knock doors, make calls, write postcards, and have a little fun doing it. Wear comfortable shoes, and be ready to channel your anger into votes!  All are welcome, all are needed!

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