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Clarke, Hilton & Schnall Endorse Zuckerman, Jones & Coallier for South Orange Board of Trustees

Dear Editor,

We are writing to urge our fellow South Orange residents to vote on May 14th for Bob Zuckerman, Summer Jones, and Donna Coallier for Village Trustee. We have had the pleasure of working directly with Bob the entire 5 and half years he was the Executive Director of the Village Center Alliance and found him to be a creative thinker who can accomplish what he sets out to do. We also know Donna and Summer from their work on the SOPAC Board of Governors and recognize that they have the all important personality blend necessary for a Village Trustee – a roll up your sleeves, DIY attitude combined with an open-minded ability to collaborate.

Bob, Summer, and Donna all have proven records of service to our community; Bob led the way to 28 new business openings during his tenure at SOVCA, Summer on the SOPAC Board of Governors and Chair of the SOPAC Marketing Committee, and Donna overseeing SOPAC’s ascent to profitability from the Board of Governors. That community dedication combined with their specific professional expertise will be a great
addition to the Board of Trustees as Bob has years of experience in business improvement, Summer in technology and communications, and Donna in finance and strategy. Their business experience combined with strong get-it-done character traits will make this team a compliment to the Board of Trustees and asset for our entire Village.

Bob, Summer, and Donna have shown they can bring good things to South Orange; We believe we should give them the opportunity to do more as Village Trustees. Be sure to vote for Line C on May 14th!


Walter Clarke

Karen Hartshorn Hilton

Steve Schnall

Village Trustees

These are our personal opinions and do not reflect the opinion of the entire Board of Trustees.

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