Dafis and DeLuca Win Re-Election to Maplewood Township Committee

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Dean Dafis and Vic DeLuca have won re-election to the Maplewood Township Committee. The two Democrats ran unopposed.

DeLuca will be serving his eighth term. Dafis won election to his second term.

“I’m honored to have been re-elected and ready to continue my work to make our community even better than it is today,” wrote DeLuca, when reached by email on Wednesday morning. “I am proud to have earned the trust of our voters and thank them for the opportunity to serve. My victory will even be sweeter if Joe Biden prevails with the vote count and becomes our next president.”

Vic DeLuca and Dean Dafis in the time before social distancing. Photo from Nov. 3, 2017.

“Unofficial and not final returns,” wrote Dafis on Facebook in the early hours of Wednesday, “but I’m extremely humbled and honored by the privilege to represent the engaged, smart, loving & passionate residents of Maplewood for a second term (three more years). Grateful for your faith & trust Maplewood – no matter what happens in DC, here at home we will continue looking after each other, growing closer, and leaning forward into progress. Thank you!”

The two will be sworn in for their new terms on January 1, 2021. They will serve three-year terms. There are five members of the Maplewood Township Committee. Each year, those five members vote to determine who among them will serve as mayor and deputy mayor at a caucus in December. Currently, Dafis is serving as deputy mayor. DeLuca served for 14 years as mayor before stepping out of contention last year. The current mayor is Frank McGehee.

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