Eastman: Why I’m Voting for Donna Smith for Board of Ed

Letter to the Editors:

In the crowded field of candidates for the BOE this fall, Donna Smith stands out. As a lawyer for decades, she is highly skilled as a reader, editor, and drafter of complex documents. As a leading school volunteer for the last twenty years, she knows as well as anybody the complex history and the complex present of our district. As a person gifted with a temperament that leads her to listen and learn, she is extremely well-suited to serving on a Board on which much of the work involves listening to, respecting, and where possible acting on the concerns of parents, taxpayers, students, teachers, and others whose well-being is connected to our district’s schools.

Donna Smith

From 2006 when I first ran for the Board until 2016 when my service ended, Donna was one of my most valuable supporters, advisers, and colleagues. When the Board unanimously passed a groundbreaking new Access and Equity policy in October 2015 during my time as Board President, Donna was a key player in committee and in the full Board’s coming together behind a vision of choice and student and parental empowerment. Much remains to be done to make that vision fully viable. The chances of that happening– of our schools becoming places where empowered students, teachers, parents, and administrators jointly collaborate and take responsibility for student learning– are appreciably better if Donna can contribute her experience, her respect for others, and her exceptional skills to the Board for the next three years.

Wayne Eastman
BOE member 2006-2016

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