Huemer: Vote McGehee Because ‘Being a Democrat Matters’

by The Village Green
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Frank McGehee

Frank McGehee

To the Editors:

If you are an undecided voter or someone who will vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday but does not know about the local government race on the ballot, please keep reading.

I am writing to endorse Frank McGehee for the open seat on the Maplewood Township Committee. If you have read the many letters sent to the Village Green over the campaign, you already know that people who have worked with Frank in town respect him and feel confident that Frank will bring his diligence, empathy and good-heartedness to the Township Committee and serve us well there.

I have another reason to vote for Frank. Frank is a Democrat; in 2016 being a Democrat and not a Republican actually matters in local government.

Democrats believe in the ability of government to do good. According to the Republican creed, “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” Since Ronald Reagan said those words in his First Inaugural Address 35 years ago, Republicans have been proving that statement.

Democrats value inclusion. The Republican National Committee was in court this week for violating the terms of a 33-year-old consent decree over voter intimidation. Republicans want to keep some people out of the political process, to deny some people their civil and natural rights, and to prevent people fleeing wars and violence from coming into our country. It’s the opposite of inclusion.

What local government officials believe about the power of government and inclusion has mattered and continues to matter in Maplewood. I have seen our community embrace diversity and strive for integration in a way I did not think possible when we moved here 28 years ago. We are a stronger, more interesting and more desirable community now because of our continuing efforts toward those goals. Local government has played a big part in that transition. One reason for successes already achieved has been the willingness of the TC to partner with a wide range of community, religious, and advocacy groups, to accept community input, to welcome community involvement. We have more to do, and need people like Frank to continue the progress.   Frank has already done good work with the Community Coalition on Race, Tuscan School, and the Maplewood Library — three of community’s strongest institutions, all of which transcend tribal and traditional classifications and serve all who live here. He exemplifies a commitment to progressive, inclusive local government.

After you vote for Hillary Clinton, do something more to help keep Maplewood a great place to live. Join me in voting for Frank McGehee for Maplewood Township Committee on Tuesday, November 8.


David Huemer,
Member, Maplewood Township Committee. 2002-2007
Vice Mayor, 2003-2004

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