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Three Democratic candidates are vying for two seats to represent New Jersey’s 28th Legislative District in the New Jersey Assembly: Cleopatra Tucker, incumbent; Garnet Hall; and Frank McGehee. Two candidates — Joy Freeman and Willie S. Jetti — are running in the Republican primary. The primary takes place on June 6, 2023. Village Green accepted endorsements for candidates through May 30, 2023. Read more election coverage here. 

The following endorsements come from business owners who support Frank McGehee for New Jersey’s 28th Legislative District in the New Jersey Assembly:

“Frank McGehee has been such an influential person, helping me navigate through the obstacles of being a woman entrepreneur. I’m grateful for his passion, drive, and tenacity for empowering women and his essential role in our community. Undoubtedly, his contributions will forever be remembered as the pillar of change. Frank McGehee is truly one of the significant reasons why Maplewood has become a successful community – providing guidance, moral support, and leadership to ensure its continued growth.” — Josefina Ruiz, Co-owner, City Workshop Men’s Supply Co and City W. Life + Style Supply Co

“Frank is there and shows up when you need him. He’s smart and dedicated, and he follows through. He has been a great advocate for our small business.” — Roger Stevens, Co-owner, City Workshop Men’s Supply Co and City W. Life + Style Supply Co

“I am happy to support Frank McGehee in his bid for NJ State of Assembly, 28th Legislative District. As a small business owner in Maplewood, I have observed Frank as a strong advocate for issues that impact the sustainability of existing businesses in the community. He understands the day-to-day plight of small business owners and from his time as mayor to present, has been prominent in advancing new perspectives. Vote Frank McGehee to represent NJ State of Assembly 28th Legislative District!” — Benson Otti, Co-owner, HLS Juice Bar & Grill

“Noire dispensary is pleased to endorse former Mayor Frank McGhee, as he is a pillar in the Maplewood community. As a new Maplewood business, Frank embraced us with open arms and created a space for us to thrive within the Maplewood community. Frank is personable, hardworking and works tirelessly to ensure his constituents feel heard and respected, all attributes that will continue to contribute to his successful candidacy.” — Giovanni Paul, Noire

“As a small business owner in Maplewood, I have long appreciated Frank’s enthusiasm and love for this town and his commitment to the betterment of the community. That passion and energy for the greater good is what we all need more of. Good luck and best wishes.” — Rosa Kian, Luna Stella restaurant

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Frank McGehee and benefiting from his work on Maplewood Township Committee and later as Mayor since 2016. He supports small businesses like mine — a woman-owned cooperative marketplace. He believes in inclusivity and puts local first. Not many communities can claim such a vibrant and fiercely independent business and retail community as ours. And I’m so grateful to feel heard and represented by Frank for all these years. I encourage you to vote for him on June 6, so our neighbors in South Orange, Hillside, Irvington and Newark can also benefit from Frank’s service and commitment to social justice and economic opportunity for all.” — Amy Hughes, Founder, Maplewood Mercantile

“I am delighted to support Frank McGehee in his bid for State Assembly. I’ve known Frank for a decade and could not have been happier when he took over as mayor of Maplewood. I own a small bakery in Maplewood, part of a vibrant and bustling downtown. He’s a great listener and local advocate; plus, he gets things done. It would be terrific to have someone with Frank’s skills and sensibility at the state level, working in the service of a diverse and progressive community for all.” — Julie Pauly, Owner, The Able Baker

“During one of the hardest times our business has ever been through (flooding due to Hurricane Ida) Frank was there for us. He embodied everything you hope for in a leader. Empathy, encouragement, open communication, quick action and understanding. We stand in full support of Frank.” — Joan & Kia Palmer, Palmer’s Bakehouse

“I’m supporting Frank McGehee for assembly. My wife and I have owned a business here in Maplewood for close to 18 years now and we have not only seen the town progress but we have felt the energy that was needed for it to happen. That energy is driven by leaders like Frank McGehee. I met Frank early on as deputy mayor and was lucky to have him lead us during the pandemic. His cool, calm, and collective demeanor helped us stay calm and focused so we could concentrate on keeping not only ourselves but our business alive. Needless to say, Frank was an integral part of our survival and his energy & unwavering perseverance is what we need representing us in the assembly.” — Humberto Campos, Owner, Restaurant Lorena’s

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