Letter: BOE Candidate Donna Smith Is Clearheaded & Compassionate

Incumbent Board of Education member Donna Smith is one of the most clearheaded and compassionate people I know. As a decades-long South Orange resident who sent three children through the public schools, she has a thorough understanding of our District – its strengths, its challenges, and what it can become. That’s why I hope she will be elected this year to serve a second term on the BOE.

In continuing her service, Donna seeks to carry on the board’s efforts to strengthen our elementary and middle school curricula, ensure the proper implementation of 504 accommodations and meaningful Gifted & Talented programming, and provide strong fiscal oversight. She was an early advocate of zero-based budgeting – a measure finally implemented this past year – and voted enthusiastically for the district’s Access & Equity Policy. She knows our schools are at a turning point and must hire a superintendent with exceptional administrative skills who can work creatively to address our resource and logistical problems, particularly around deferred maintenance and increased student population. She seeks a leader who will prioritize the development of more individualized learning opportunities and promote a healthier school climate and culture.

Donna has my family’s admiration, our gratitude for her thoughtful work and many years of advocacy on behalf of the community’s children, and our votes. Please join us in supporting her reelection on November 7!

Jennifer Crohn

South Orange

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