Letter: Columbia High School Student-Activists Support Cuttle for BOE

This Statement is made by a group of individuals and is not affiliated with any organization.

Shannon Cuttle has been a gracious mentor of our youth activism group, founded days after the Parkland shooting. As students, we were angry about the events that transpired that day and wanted to make a difference within our communities. Shannon Cuttle gave us an outlet for our frustrations and helped us start our youth activism group. They have continued to inspire us ever since. We would like to say what an amazing ally and adviser Shannon Cuttle has been.

Shannon Cuttle is supportive, encouraging, and determined. Shannon is dedicated to the welfare of the students of the South Orange Maplewood School District and has displayed their dedication towards the students time and time again. Not only has Shannon taught us that hard work and determination pays off, but that there is always more work to be done. They have helped instill a greater sense of responsibility in us and given us qualities that will help us in the future. They have taken the fire within all of us and helped us turn it into something positive that will change our world.

Shannon Cuttle is always a friendly face in the community and someone you can count on to help our school district. They are committed, experienced, informed, and have good values that will better our schools and students. As students who have made an effort to be active in the new policies regarding our school, we see how much work needs to be done to bring equity and put students at the center.

We believe that it is time for a new energy. Someone who knows the students and will dedicate their time to us. Therefore, We know that Shannon Cuttle will make a great addition to the Maplewood-South Orange Board of Education and we can not wait to see all the work that Shannon will do to improve our schools.


Phoebe Hill – 9th grade

Laila Gold – 9th grade

Lily Forman – 10th grade

Olivia Hirsch – 11th grade

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