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LETTER: Davis Ford Is Person for South Orange Village President

Dear Editor:

I’m endorsing Deborah Davis Ford for Village President. I’ve known her for 14 years as a leader in South Orange and in Essex County. Deborah Davis Ford is the right person for the job for the following reasons:

  • We do not want to lose governance when it comes to the merging of our fire department with Maplewood.  Deborah gets it. The fire department is a critical part to the public safety of South Orange and it would not be prudent to lose control of it. Deborah is in dialogue with the firefighters who as a group, are supportive of her position for the safety of South Orange.
  • Deborah also understands that we need to improve our Village’s one-way relationship with Seton Hall. We need to improve our partnership and optimize the resources we both offer.
  • Deborah also understands and supports the need to address the growing issues of parking downtown.

So on May 14th, please vote for Deborah Davis Ford  on “LINE A”.

Mary Washington-Nieves

South Orange

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