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LETTER: Deborah Davis Ford Most Qualified for South Orange Village President

Hello Fellow Neighbors-

This is an enthusiastic endorsement of Deborah Davis Ford for Village President along with the LINE A candidates of the South Orange Forward team.

I support Deborah Davis Ford because she is the most qualified person to be Village President.

I have known her for 10 years and in that time I have observed the many ways she has been instrumental in getting things done through her hard work and as being a conduit to knowing the right people.

From  the first time I interacted with her, I knew she was action driven about getting problems solved. There is a major thoroughfare in our town that had areas, where commuters were throwing trash and debris everywhere. A few of us would dedicate weekends to picking up trash to help keep our township clean. Soon thereafter, I enlisted her help and she worked to make a change with her relationship(s) with the Department of Public Works.

The bottom line: Trustee Ford gets things done and knows the right people and will serve the Village well as president.

So please vote for Deborah Davis Ford and the rest of the South Orange Forward team on May 14.

James Vick

24 year South Orange Resident

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