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LETTER: Donna Coallier Has Integrity & Dedication

Dear Editor, I am writing to express my emphatic support for Donna Coallier for the Village board of trustees.  As someone who has worked with Donna for 10+ years, I can attest to her integrity and dedication to making a positive impact on those around her.  Not only does Donna embody a passion for her local community to grow and thrive, but she’s able to balance her unrelenting enthusiasm with accountability, fiscal responsibility, and empathy to listen and respect the perspectives of others in South Orange. This is best demonstrated with her own career progression over 30+ years specializing in accounting, finance and strategy at one of the world’s largest consulting firms–prospering in this kind of environment is challenging enough over the long haul but Donna excelled by being collaborative yet constructive and ultimately results-oriented for her clients.  Collectively these attributes can be put to good use as Trustee for the citizens of South Orange working alongside Bob and Summer as a true team dedicated to the same cause.

Donna, Bob, and Summer have already worked hard to bring good things to South Orange; I believe we should give them the opportunity to do more as Village Trustees. Be sure to vote for Line C on May 14th!

Carol Lee
South Orange

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