LETTER: Hilton, Haskins & Brown Bring Experience & Leadership on Environment, Racial Equity & Fiscal Management

by Eve Peterson and Tom Hut
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Dear Editor,

We are writing to encourage our fellow South Orange residents to join us in voting on May 11 to re-elect Karen Hilton and elect her running mates Bill Haskins and Bobby Brown as Village Trustees.

We have been fortunate to know Karen for nearly 20 years, as a friend and fellow volunteer. She is a tremendous asset to our community. While committed to working collaboratively with others, Karen is not afraid to speak her mind and stand firm when defending the interests of the community.

As Village Trustee (and chair of the Finance Committee) Karen has increased budget oversight and transparency and instituted sound fiscal management policies that benefit all of us. She has been a tireless advocate for the South Orange Public Library and has applied her thoughtful approach to issues including senior services, the environment, historic preservation and community recycling.

Like Karen, her running mates have made our community better through their years of volunteer service: Bill as chair of the Environmental Commission and Green Team; and Bobby as chair of the Community Police Collaborative and a youth sports coach and mentor.

Professionally, they bring deep experience in public administration, project management, law and business. As a team, they will provide strong leadership in areas that are critical to our town’s future: environmental stewardship, racial equity and fiscal management.

We urge you to vote for all three candidates. As you know, local elections can be decided by just a handful of votes. So please, vote.

Eve Peterson and Tom Hut

South Orange, NJ

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