Letter: Huemer Endorses Baker, Baker & Cuttle for Board of Ed

To the editors:

South Orange and Maplewood are blessed to have strong candidates to choose from for three seats on the Board of Education. On Election Day, I will be voting for Elizabeth Baker, Robin Baker, and Shannon Cuttle.

Elizabeth Baker
Robin Baker
Shannon Cuttle

Elizabeth Baker’s work on the Board of Ed over the last three years has benefited all of us.  She spearheaded hiring Dr. Thomas Ficarra as interim Superintendent—a great hire. The transition from one superintendent to another happened smoothly, and resulted from Elizabeth’s hard work and preparation. Most importantly, Elizabeth has a life history of working effectively to improve equity and eradicate inequity.  Compare her online statement about Access and Equity with the those of other candidates.  Elizabeth really gets to specifics of the painful, complex and deeply needed work the next Board of Education will do to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for all our students.

During her term on the Board, Robin Baker was an important part of the successful decision to establish and support the Seth Boyden Demonstration School. In times similar to now, a process that valued community input led to more equitable opportunities and outcomes for students. With hard decisions about space and resources at hand, we need Robin as part of the Board..

Shannon Cuttle’s career has been fighting for equity and inclusion and against inequity and exclusion.  If campaigns reflect how candidates will serve, you should vote for Shannon. Shannon has been to every Board of Education meeting since she became a candidate (and before). She’s been to dozens of community events of all kinds. She’s holding Candidate Office Hours so people can talk to her. We need Shannon’s accessibility and communication skills on the Board of Education– Shannon can help all of us be heard.

Please join me in voting Tuesday, November 7th, for Elizabeth Baker, Robin Baker, and Shannon Cuttle for the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education.


David Huemer

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