Letter: Maini Will Continue the Hard Work on Behalf of All Students

To the Editor:

We write to enthusiastically endorse Annemarie Maini for reelection to the Board of Education in Maplewood and South Orange. This year, our older son is entering Kindergarten at Clinton Elementary, so we are beginning the exciting journey in our school system. Over the past year, as Kindergarten was approaching, we have become more aware of the challenges that our school system must tackle and the areas of progress that must continue to grow and expand. Annemarie Maini is the person to continue the hard work to push our district to address challenges and seize opportunities.

We have known Annemarie, the Director and Owner of South Orange Country Day School, since our children began attending SOCDS in 2015. Since that first meeting, when she took us on a tour of the school, we found Annemarie to be one of the most caring, genuine, smart and capable educators that we have encountered. She has created a preschool environment in which children are taught the power of respect, peace, independence, inclusion, diversity and care for others. The community spirit that she has fostered among the families at SOCDS is truly one of a kind. As both our children transition fully over the next two years into the SOMA school district, these are qualities that we want them to continue to be exposed to and surrounded by every day. We feel confident with Annemarie on the Board that the values she instills at SOCDS are the very same values that she will continue to instill across our entire district among all students of every age.

Annemarie is a true community leader. You will find her up and down South Orange Avenue on South Orange Play Day, ensuring that this successful day continues to grow and enhance the SOMA community spirt. She volunteers each year at the South Next Festival. She is involved in her neighborhood association and serves as a panelist at many local community discussions.

Although our children are entering the school district this year for the first time, we are certainly not naïve to the issues that our children, parents, educators, administrators and district face. Reelecting Annemarie Maini to the Board of Education will ensure that our district continues to move towards a more perfect educational experience for all our students.

We encourage you to visit the Maini campaign website https://boe2018.com to review her platform details, accomplishments and plans for her next three years.

Please join us in voting for Annemarie Maini for Board of Education on Tuesday, November 6.

Thank you,

Brian and Regan White

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