LETTER: Marie & Frank McGehee Endorse Deb Engel for Maplewood Township Committee

by Marie and Frank McGehee
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Hello, Maplewood.

Marie and I would like to express our enthusiastic support for the candidacy of Deborah Engel for Maplewood Township committee.

As a current member, former Mayor and Deputy Mayor on the Maplewood Township committee, I can say there are several traits that are required in public service, including but not limited to:

  • Having a lens for the greater good and accepting that leadership requires having the resolve and the discipline to disagree with many people including those who you consider friends and associates.

  • Always striving for continuous improvement for the community, and

  • Working tirelessly on the behalf of the town in a full-time capacity although technically serving as a volunteer.

Deb has these attributes. Marie and I have had the opportunity to interact with Deb as a resident and support her as a business owner in our community. Deb has and continues to be an inspiring member of our community who has not only had a consistent presence, but also has made a strong impact whether creating a community for working parents, other small business owners, local artisans and those who want to see a more sustainable community.

Deb will do the work.

And in the end that’s what we all need — people who are elected who will do the work on behalf of all of us.

On Tuesday, June 7, please join Marie and I and VOTE. Remember that your vote is your voice and with that voice — use it to support Deborah Engel for Maplewood Township Committee.

Thank you,

Marie and Frank McGehee

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