Letter: McGehee is a True Voice for the People of Maplewood

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To the Editor:

I am writing to express my support for Frank McGehee for Maplewood Township Committee. Frank’s dedication and commitment to Maplewood in the three years he has lived here is evident in how he has immersed himself in the community. He is a true voice for the people and recognizes the beauty that makes Maplewood the diverse community that it is.

Frank became involved in the community by joining the PTA at his daughter’s school. He believed the only way to make an impact was to roll up his sleeves and be part of the solution. In doing so, he learned to listen to the voices, have open dialogue, and come up with solutions that would be for the betterment of students and school community. Furthermore his experience with community activism and the Economic Development Commission in Newton, Massachusetts are skills that he can bring to the table when it comes to the social and financial needs of Maplewood.

I am confident that Frank will play a vital role on the Maplewood Township Committee. His experience and commitment to community are evidence of what he can bring to this role. Frank understands the strengths of this community while acknowledging the challenges, which may not be always be solved overnight but with persistence, diligence and listening to the voice of the people.

Maureen Jones

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