Letter: McGehee will Work with School District to Benefit Community

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To the Editor:

We are writing to support Frank McGehee for Maplewood Township Committee in this year’s general election on November 8.

As current school board members living in Maplewood we know firsthand how important it is to have thoughtful, hardworking and collaborative leaders on the Township Committee.

While our school district and our town government are separate governing bodies, we are one community. As one community, we must plan holistically and use our respective resources in a deliberate, coordinated manner.

Frank gets that. In his volunteer work, he has demonstrated the ability to bring stakeholders together — town, school district, community partners, and parents — identifying unmet needs for our youth and planning how each stakeholder group can bring its resources to the table. Frank knows that by working in coordination, we can maximize the impact of every dollar spent to strengthen our programs and ensure that Maplewood remains vibrant for decades to come.

But collaboration and coordination don’t just happen. We need skilled, collaborative leaders like Frank to make it happen.  Frank listens. He rolls up his sleeves and puts in the work, while incorporating the ideas of others. He combines his business acumen with a dedication to improving our community. Frank is a “long distance runner” for our town.

Please join us in electing Frank McGehee to the Maplewood Township Committee on November 8.


Elizabeth Baker & Chris Sabin

Elizabeth Baker and Chris Sabin are current members of the South Orange Maplewood Board of Education, but the views expressed are their own and not a statement on behalf of the Board.

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