Letter: Saeed is Smart, Thoughtful and Has Expansive Vision for South Orange

Have I learned anything from November 8th, 2016? The answer – as devastating as the the election was – is a resounding Yes.

I have learned that to be engaged in the world does not mean to passively wear the badge of “bleeding-heart liberal.”

I have also learned that I do not have a high tolerance for a constant stream of reactivity and vitriol. And by inversion, cultivating joy and inducing bellyaching laughter are necessary skills for engaging with the world.

Most importantly, I have learned that process matters. How things happen, in terms of coalition and community building, and the sustainability of programs, is just as important as the final result (says the former goal-oriented project manager).

What does my internalization of post-presidential election noise have to do with our town’s elections? Like many you, I was galvanized into action and started getting my butt out of my house to meet my representatives and show up.

Integrating these insights, I am announcing my support of Nureed Saeed for Board of Trustee of South Orange.

I kept running into Nureed at activist meetings and appreciated her rigorous listening skills and her honesty and credibility as she shared her perspective in response to the various triggers from the new administration, such as the Travel Ban.

Some community leaders may build their reputation as being political firebrands. Nureed, with her expansive vision for our town, doesn’t act radically. She is thoughtful, methodical, and insists on hearing and seeing all sides of a problem. Her smart, all-inclusive approach to consensus building quickly churns into a unique, penetrating diagnosis, and solid, incremental, positive change.

I stand behind Nureed Saeed – her trustworthiness of character, and her ability to relate to diverse audiences on both an emotional and intellectual level. This is who I want representing me. Won’t you join me?

Susan Hyon
South Orange

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